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9th September 2015

Isla has got her completion of treatment bead.  Such a proud Mummy xxx


8th September 2015

6 minutes left of Isla's last lot of chemo - scary times!!


7th September 2015

Isla is back in hospital today for her last course of chemo.  She has done so well and I honestly can't say how proud we are of her.  I think we are more than ready to start the next chapter of her adventure.



29th August 2015

It was a very sad day yesterday for everyone involved but especially an amazing family who's little boy lost his fight with neuroblastoma after 12 months.  You will always be in our thoughts Jake.  Please keep his wonderful family in your thoughts and prayers.  Sleep tight Jake xxxxx



17th August 2015

Isla-Grace is in hospital at the moment for chemo. We are within touching distance of the final treatment now. Whilst in today we had a visit from calendar news look out for us tonight. xx

Click this link to watch the best birthday present for Isla-Grace ever!!


7th August 2015

2 years ago today I was in labour and I just thought it was bad back pains little did we know we would get to meet our beautiful daughter later on that day. These past two years have had massive ups and even bigger downs, but I would like to wish the most beautiful, bravest, strongest little girl a massive happy 2nd birthday. Lots of hugs and kisses princess love mummy and daddy xxxx


6th August 2015

Sorry for the late post but we would like to say a massive thank you to the manager of the sports bar and the very kind bar maid who let us bowl for free after asking about our holiday and hearing about Isla. They also gave Isla an elsa teddy from frozen. Thank you so much Isla really enjoyed bowling. Xxx

5th August 2015

I just love how much Isla likes fruit. She would choose it anyday over anything else. She didn't want cereal for breakfast this morning she wanted this.


3rd August 2015

We have had an absolutely amazing time at centre parcs this weekend. Thank you to candlelighters for this brilliant weekend I can honestly say we enjoyed every minute of it! We spent a lot of time swimming and Isla really enjoyed it!!!

29th July 2015

Isla just doesn't have any energy at all today. She doesn't even want a cuddle with mummy anymore :-(

28th July 2015

Elsa, Anna and Olaf have just been to see Isla. She was too scared of Olaf to have a picture with him though. Candlelighters are truly amazing!!!

26th July 2015

Isla didn't want to move from her chair today she just wanted to sit and watch TV with her Peppa Pig hat on.  The crazy girl didn't want to take it off!!!!! After a few weeks off from the hospital we're back in tomorrow for pre chemo consultation and then back to the ward on Tuesday for chemo!

24th July 2015

I have a very sleepy little girl today. 

20th July 2015

Isla loves her big girl bed. After waking up at 5 this morning she went back to bed at 9 and has only just woken back up.  She did so well though for the first night.  She's so happy.


15th July 2015

I apologise for being so rubbish with my posts recently.  We have had a lot happening these past couple of weeks.  Isla is doing amazing she is enjoying every minute at home and spending time with family.  Her counts will be coming back up as well now after her chemo so we are able to do more things. Xx


1st July 2015

After a lovely day playing with Emmie, we are home now x

1st July 2015

Isla didn't know what to make of the glue on her hands!! She's so funny xx


29th June 2015

Thank you to Willie Calder who has done a 10k run for Isla-Grace. Xx


29th June 2015

After a lovely busy weekend Isla is now back in hospital for her 5th cycle of less intensive chemotherapy she is currently sat eating cheese crackers and chocolate biscuits whilst watching some of her favourite programmes.  Anyone would think she was happy to be back. Xx

22nd June 2015

Well it's an early start for us this morning.  Isla has a kidney test and a heart echo at the hospital today.  It's also her Daddy's 21st birthday today.  She's given him a massive squeeze this morning.  Hopefully we won't be at the hospital for too long and be able to celebrate it later.  Happy Birthday Rhys xxxxxx


18th June 2015

Isla posing for Robyn earlier.  She's having so much fun in her new house she's loving running around everywhere.



10th June 2015

Isla is now home after chemo at first it didn't look like she was going to be able to have it because the ward was full but after waiting most of the day Monday her chemo was started and we finally got moved to the ward.  She has been very mischievous this week though!!

8th June 2015

After 2 amazing weeks not being admitted to hospital Isla is now on her way back in for her 4th lot of less intensive chemotherapy. So much has happened within the last 21 days but Isla is doing amazing.  We would like to thank you all for all your well wishes and please keep liking and sharing Isla-Graces hospital adventure xx


3rd June 2015

Isla enjoyed her fish and chips with aunty Ava whilst seeing her great grandad today.  xx



1st June 2015

Isla is doing so well at home.  She has had loads of fun this weekend and a party and seeing family we're so proud of her xxxx



28th May 2015

Isla woke up with lots of funny red dots all over her body this morning so we're back in hospital to see what's going on.  We think it may be her platelets.  Hopefully we will find out soon enough xx



26th May 2015

Isla's trying mummys sunglasses out today with this nice weather.  Cheeky monkey!


23rd May 2015

We got home last night after my hydration finished just in time to spend mummys 21st birthday together as a family.  I'm giving mummy lots of kisses and cuddles today and even gave her a present this morning.  I was sick all over her bed so that she couldn't have a lie in.  I am feeling loads better now though.  


21st May 2015

Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  Isla's port replacement went well and she now has a single port in.  She started her chemo when she came back from theatre as planned and should hopefully be finished by tomorrow afternoon.  Isla is very hyper today and keeps shouting at everyone that goes past!


16th May 2015

Isla was finally allowed home yesterday after 5 days of antibiotics.  It turned out she had influenza B which is what caused her very high temperatures.  Although we have been in isolation all week we have still made the most of it and she has been very mischievous.  She really enjoyed painting with the Candlelighters play team and got very messy.  The music lady also came in to see us on Thursday and Isla loved every minute of it.  We are very glad to be home now though.  Xx


10th May 2015

We thought we might of got away with not coming in to hospital this time round but Isla being Isla has got a very high temperature and is going to be started on antibiotics.  Poor baby doesn't have much energy at all xx


6th May 2015

I can't believe it was 7 months ago when this picture was taken.  This was just before Isla started her chemotherapy and you can see the lump on her neck!  And this was just after the biopsy.  It makes you think how far we've come in those short months.  We're so proud of her xxx



6th May 2015

My little monkey watching rara the noisy lion this morning she loves it. Xxx

4th May 2015

Isla would like to wish her Aunty Ava a very happy 11th birthday today.  She had lots of fun yesterday playing on this ride with her.  She is still doing really well after chemo wanting to run around everywhere xx


1st May 2015

We have been to clinic today to see a surgeon who puts central lines in and he has decided Isla's port needs to be replaced.  She's going to be put on the theatre list for 20th May and then she can have her chemo straight after.


28th April 2015

After a long day of not knowing if Isla was going to have her chemo again today or not, having two x-rays the doctors have not told us we can go ahead with chemo.  They still don't know why her port is leaking though :/


28th April 2015

Isla came back into hospital yesterday for her second lot of less intensive chemotherapy.  She's not very impressed and her port is leaking again hopefully it will be sorted our soon.



24th April 2015

Isla has had loads of fun today playing out and in Aunty Demis car she's absolutely loved it xx


18th April 2015

After just over 48 hours in hospital all the while without temps Isla is allowed home yeyyyyy!



16th April 2015

We have a poorly little girl xxx


16th April 2015

Well Isla's temp has spiked so back to hospital we go she's not a very happy girl this morning :( xx


8th April 2015

Hello everyone.  We thought you'd like to know have some unexpected good news.  

The testing on the tumour removed from Isla's neck a few weeks ago has been completed.  And with the exception of a handful of cells, the doctors are confident the Cancer in the tumour is dead.  As a result of this they feel, Isla may no longer need radiotherapy.  And in that case we will not need to travel to America for proton therapy.

As this is so unusual, they are still discussing the pros and cons of her having radiotherapy, which clearly will have Isla's best interests at heart.  We are so proud of Isla and everything she has endured and achieved so far.  And the prospect of only 7 more sessions of chemo instead of months away from home without our enitire support network is overwhelming us.  

Thank you to all of you who have kept us going and please keep your fingers crossed for us whilst we wait nervously for this decision.  To those of you who are still fundraising for Isla, it was always our intention to give any additional funds to the charities who have helped us.  Should you still wish to continue in her name, we will still be donating to those children's cancer charities mentioned previously and much more than we could have ever hoped to donate.  

Thank you again to everyone for your continuous support and please please keep your fingers crossed.



8th April 2015

Morning cuddles with a beautiful little girl.  She's not feeling too great this morning, all she wants is snuggles with mummy xx

7th April 2015

Isla's less intensive chemotherapy has started. She's having an afternoon nap now and then we will be able to play later on.



6th April 2015

Isla has had a fun morning at funopolis and a then big walk around the tarn. She is exhausted now eating her ice lolly. We're back in hospital tomorrow to start Islas less intensive chemotherapy xx



1st April 2015

Isla has finally got her confidence back and started walking again. We're all so proud of her xx


27th March 2015 

After a few days recovery in hospital Isla has been allowed home.  She is doing really well and we are very proud of her xx

24th March 2015

We have one beautiful little girl.  We're so proud of her and how brave she has been.  She is truly amazing.  She's had a very comfortable night and is now sat waving at peppa pig xxx



23rd March 2015

Isla is out of theatre and doing well.  She's on a morphine infusion to help with her pain.  But she has responded really well.  The surgeon said he managed to get all of the tumour that he could see out as well as the surrounding lymph glands.  She is doing really well though xx



22nd March 2015

Isla has had a really good weekend in Blackpool.  She's even been able to go swimming and still loved it!!  We're back home and all packed and ready for a very important day for Isla tomorrow.  Thanks again for all your well wishes.  I will update you all tomorrow when Isla is out of theatre and is doing well.


21st March 2015

Hello everyone.  I apologise for not posting anything last night but we were really busy after we left the hospital.  Islas consultant told us that her tumour has shrunk even more and that she will definitely be having her operation on Monday. After she has Had the operation and has recovered enough she will start her less intensive chemotherapy.  We still don't know any dates or anything when we will have to go for proton but we have been told Isla will definitely need the proton as it's the best radiotherapy for her.  We should find out more about going for proton when the results come back from the operation.  Thank you for your well wishes it means an awful lot to us Xxx 


20th March 2015

Well today's the day we get the results from Islas last mri and the definite go ahead for both surgery and proton therapy.  We will find out at about 4 o clock.  Fingers crossed. 


18th March 2015

Isla is doing really well at home at the moment.  She's eating really well and she's even started getting her confidence back with her walking :) we're so proud of her xx


16th March 2015

Isla is all ready to go to the hospital for some tests xx



14th March 2015

Isla in her Go Brutal hat.  Doesn't she look cute?


This company will be donating a portion of their profit to Isla's fund on orders for the ladies longline hoody, or one of their fab hats if you mention Isla's name at purchase.


The message on the back reads "Courage Over Fear".


You can see all their products at or look them up on facebook.



14th March 2015

Isla is enjoying her time at home with mummy and daddy and is sending her very cheeky smile to everyone today xxx



13th March 2015

Isla is up and ready to go to the hospital for her final mri to see if the tumour has shrunk anymore.  This mri will also let the surgeon see if he can remove the tumour as well.  It's going to be a very long week before we get the decision. xx


12th March 2015

Bonjour everyone.  Congratulations to all thye staff at CLS who made it to Paris today.  A whole day earlier than expected due to their combined hard work.  We think they may need a few glasses of wine now though to help ease those aching joints!  Well done again to you all and thank you to everyone who has sponsored them.


11th March 2015

So today the staff at CLS made it to France!

Well done CLS Identification.  What a fantastic effort.  Hope you're enjoying the scenery and the crossing wasn't too choppy?

The incentive tomorrow is chocolate orange cake courtesy of Isla's Great Grandad.

Let's see if they make it all the way to Paris before the end of the week.



10th March 2015

Today's activity at CLS Identification on their journey from Bradford to Paris for Isla.  To donate please see the 'How to Donate' tab.

9th March 2015

In case you can't catch it on the telly, here's Calendar's report to be aired tonight from Friday's abseil with Billy Pearce.



9th March 2015

Here's the link to Billy's abseil video courtesy of the Telegraph and Arugs.


9th March 2015

Islas having loads of fun today at funopolis with her cousin Esme she's doing so well xx


9th March 2015

Today is the day CLS Identification start their 482 mile journey to Paris from Bradford all from within their office.  Here's one of the staff, Mark, doing his bit.

They have covered 71 miles so far this morning.

Well done CLS.

If you want to donate, you can do so via


6th March 2015

I would like to wish my nanny hiley a massive good luck for her abseil today.  Julie Hiliey is going to face her biggest fear by abseiling down Jury's Inn Hotel in Bradford this morning at 11am.  We would like to invite you all to come along and show your support.  If you can't come along and still want to do something to help you can sponsor her at

Good lunch nanny.  Love you lots and sending lots of big kisses and cuddles xx


5th March 2015

Just a reminder that tomorrow at 11:00 Isla's nanny will be abseiling down Jury's Inn Hotel, Bradford Centre with local comedian and theatre star, Billy Pearce in attendance.  If you would like to donate, please do so via the website Or pop along tomorrow to give your support and/or donation in person. We would love to see you there. Xxx


5th March 2015

Someone's feeling better.  We're going to have a play in the playroom soon so Isla's getting all excited xx

3rd March 2015

We need to also send a massive thank you to Ferno UK Ltd for their super generous cheque. In addition, we would like to make a special mention to their MD Jon Ellis for sorting out the PowerPoint presentation for Sunday and his lovely family otherwise known as The Cooking Cottage, aka Lesley Ellis and co, for providing nibbles.


3rd March 2015

This is Amanda Connolly who brought in a cheque from Airecentre Pacers on Sunday.

Thank you Airecentre Pacers for running for Isla.



3rd March 2015

I had such a special weekend with so many wonderful people who came out to show their support for me on Sunday. I can not believe how lucky I am.
Between you all you raised over £5200 for my trip to America. Wow!

Thank you.

You are all amazing.


3rd March 2015

On our way back into hospital I can't believe Isla lasted this long. We really thought she would go down a lot quicker than this. We have one poorly baby! Xx


3rd March 2015

Here are the ladies from the McMillan fundraiser earlier in the year who agreed to split the money they raised with Isla. They popped along on the Funday at the weekend to present the cheque.Thank you so much Karen Coburn, Aileen Pawley and Joanne Holmes


1st March 2015

Isla is already up and very excited for the fun day ahead! Hope everyone it looking forward to it as much as we are. Xx


28th February 2015

Late entries to tomorrow's auction include a Signed and authenticated photo of Peter Shilton, Castleford Tigers and Leeds Rhinos signed memorabilia, plus much, much more. Any further donations should reach us no later than 12pm tomorrow at LA Fitness. Thank you everyone. X


28th February 2015

So what else is buried in the chest folks? You'll have to be the successful bidder tomorrow to find out. We! X

28th February 2015

Who would like to be walking home with this stunning chocolate house from tomorrow's fun day?  U know when and where folks!


27th February 2015

Thank you to CLS Identification for my very own sticker for the upcoming Funday. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there. 1pm Sunday @ LA Fitness, Yeadon.


27th February 2015

Universal live had a pj day today to raise money for Isla so far they have raise £525.  They will be doing more fundraising in the next few weeks.  Amazing. Thank you all so much xx


27th February 2015

This is not even half of the things up for grabs.  Come and have a look for yourself this Sunday at La Fitness, Yeadon from 1pm.


27th February 2015

Hello everyone.  We brought Isla home last night.  She was so giddy when she got home.  Isla is currently all snuggled up in mummy and daddy's bed watching peppa.  She's peppa mad!!!


26th February 2015

Today's donations for Sunday's Funday at La Fitness.  A set of unique glass coasters and a limited edition Mulan and Li Shang doll.  Thanks go to Creative Glass Products and Disney.



25th February 2015

Isla has been having lots of fun today wandering about the ward today and is still eating loads.  Her chemo should finish tonight and then on hydration tomorrow.  I can't believe how much it has flown by we hope to see you all on Sunday at La Fitness, Yeadon xx


23rd February 2015

And we're back in hospital for our final cycle of intensive chemotherapy. Wow! It's gone so quick. We have 8 cycles of less intensive chemotherapy after this one's finished


21st February 2015

Hello everyone.

We are all excited about the Funday organised for next Sunday, 1st March from 1pm at LA Fitness, Yeadon.

Having spent the last 2 days sorting through all the wonderful donations which have been sent in, we just had to post a BIG THANK YOU to those involved in their supply or procurement. We have been blown away by the quality and quantity of donations and would like to give you all a taster of a few of the prizes we will be raffling/auctioning on the day:-
- 52 sessions of karate at a Horsforth Karate School
- several items of jewellery donated by a London jewellers
- a Leeds Rhinos signed shirt
- a Gusto meal voucher worth up to £60 plus prosecco
- a Shake Shack hamper and voucher

This is just a tiny example of the prizes to be won on the day. There are also some extra special ones we have had to keep under wraps and over 25 prizes solely for the raffle and auction, with more still expected!

Isla is such a special little girl and we hope as many of you as possible will be there to support her and her family on the day, and will take home not only fond memories of a wonderful time but a raffle prize or two!

Also, if you are able to come, remember not to eat too much beforehand as there will be cakes, biscuits, savouries and other goodies on sale!

We look forward to seeing you all on the day. Introduce yourselves and don't be shy. And most importantly bring a full purse, a big heart and an empty belly!

Lots of love, Isla and family. X


20th February 2015

Don't miss calender tonight. What an amazing surprise!!! Xx


20th February 2015

We've now been invited into calender studios tonight. How scary!


20th February 2015

The lovely people from calender have just been to see us at home. Isla was really good and they loved her. Look out for us tonight on calender at 6 xxx


19th February 2015

If anybody has anything that they have said they want to donate for islas funday, raffle/tombola/auction please can you get in touch so that we can get everything together within the next week. Sweets, chocolates, teddy's, unwanted Christmas/birthday gifts. Thank you all so much for your support. Xxx


19th February 2015

Having fun at nannies driving in my car



18th February 2015

Me and Isla have been having lots have fun at home this week! We are really looking forward to her fundraiser a week on Sunday. Can I just remind everyone that the proceeds are to go towards living costs whilst we are in America. The NHS do pay for flights, treatment and accommodation when we are over there. whatever money is left over will be going to various charities. Thanks again for all your extremely generous donations. Xxx


15th February 2015

We're home again yippee!! After 5 days of antibiotics Isla is so much better. Also I had a phone all on Friday to let us know that Islas case has been approved by the board for overseas treatment and we will be going to Oklahoma. Isla only has 1 more session of chemo to go and then have her MRI scan before we go so we need all the help we can get. If you can help us out then please look on I can't explain how overwhelmed we are by all of the kind donations already. Thank you all so much xxx


13th February 2015

Hello everyone, sorry i'm only just updating you.

Isla has been very unwell.  The doctors were quire concerned about her on Wednesday but is so much better now and we are out of isolation.  She's had a bit of a wander around the ward this morning with her pram and is just waiting for her dinner to come. Hopefully she will eat something now she's feeling better.

10th February 2015

On our way back into hospital with Isla she's not very well. She's gone down hill very fast this time xx



9th February 2015

Isla loves in the night garden she's been sat watching it for ages! She's still doing very well after chemo. Let's hope it lasts!



9th February 2015

Please have a read of what my very brave nanny Hiley is doing to help raise some money for me.  Can anyone help us raise the funds we need by donating to help me along my way?


Nanny Hiley abseiling down Jury's Inn, Bradford 


6th February 2015

Thank you Victoria for this lovely photo that was sent to us today xx


6th February 2015

Thanks to CLS for these labels.  Are you supporting Isla-Grace?



6th February 2015

Isla has made the paper again. Have a read about what CLS in Bradford are doing to help raise money for Isla.


5th February 2015

Wahoo we're home.  Isla is tucked up in bed loving it.  She was so excited to be home. Xx


3rd February 2015

Isla has fallen out with me now! She doesn't seem too happy this morning :( xx


3rd February 2015

Hello everyone.  Chemo started fine yesterday Isla is just being a little monkey and isn't taking her medicines.  She will have a NG tube passed this morning so we won't have any problems giving her some medicine.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone supporting us and all those who have already made donations.  We really appreciate your help xx


2nd February 2015

Cuddles with Daddy before we head back to the hospital for Isla's 5th cycle of chemo.  Little smiler!!


31st January 2015

Wow Isla made the front page. She enjoyed reading her article in the paper. She got really excited when she saw mummy and daddy in it too!!


29th January 2015

Hello.  Yesterday we had a visit from a lovely reporter from Yorkshire evening post.  I have had a phone call tonight to say all going well an article on Isla will be going in the paper on Saturday.  Look out for our brave little girl xxx


28th January 2015

Even though we have been in isolation these past few days Isla has still had loads of fun... We have such a funny child. We are just waiting for daddy to come pick us up now and then we're going home xxx


26th January 2015

Hello, Isla is so much better than when we brought her in on Friday.  She is currently running around the room with a walker and a blanket on her head!!  I will post a picture when I can :)  Funny little girl xx 


23rd January 2015

hello everyone Isla is back in hospital with a suspected infection. She really wasn't herself this morning but has now had a platelets and blood transfusion and seems a lot perkier but is still getting temperatures.


22nd January 2015

Hello everyone. Me and Hayley have had another productive day today. We've been to la fitness to confirm the date for the fundraiser (they are being fantastic with us!) We have also received some more prizes for the raffle and other things that we are going to do for the day. We have had a number of different companies agreeing to help us out aswell. I would like to thank everyone for supporting us in our adventure. Isla is still doing well but I think she's started to go down hill again she is now sleeping off the busy day we have had! Xx


20th January 2015

Isla has had load of fun today playing with her beautiful cousin Esme. They love each other so much!! Thank you for a lovely day Hayley xxxx


20th January 2015

Hello everyone, just to keep you all updated we have arranged a family fundraising day at LA fitness yeadon for Sunday 1st of March. This is to raise awareness of ewings sarcoma and is also to help us fundraise for Isla. The reason we are fundraising is because after Isla has her surgery the doctors will then have to decide if she needs proton treatment. Unfortunately they don't do proton radiotherapy in the UK, so she would have to either go to the USA or Switzerland for this. We won't know this until around 10 weeks time which would only leave us with 4 weeks to raise money for her. Although we might not have to go abroad for treatment your money would still go to a good cause. We would be donating some to Candlelighters and would also put some of the money raised into a fund to take Isla on her first holiday.  We would greatly appreciate if you could attend this day and help to support us on our adventure.  If you or anyone you know would like to donate anything for the raffle please get in touch anything at all would be greatly appreciated.  Also does anyone know any face painters who would be willing to give up some time on the day?


19th January 2015

Well Isla is obviously still feeling fine. I thought she was a bit quiet I've come in the room and found she's been putting lipstick on! Little monkey!!

14th January 2015

Hello everyone. Chemo seems to be kicking it out of Isla this time. She has been very sleepy this time round. On another note we have finally got some MRI results back from 17th December. Islas tumour at the start of chemo measured 6cm x 6cm x 4cm, it now measures 1.5cm x 2.2cm x 2.7cm so it has shrunk an awful lot and hasn't spread anywhere else. The doctors are really happy with how fast it has shrunk. xx


12th January 2015

Isla is out of theatre and doing really well. She's just having something to eat and drink now whilst waiting for chemo to start. She's such a happy little girl.


10th January 2015

Toasted tea cakes and peppa on tv. Islas loving life this morning. Enjoying the last couple of days at home back in hospital on Monday for another central line and her 4th lot of chemo. We've really enjoyed our time at home xxx


9th January 2015

Just watching peppa pig in mummy's bed. I'm in a crazy mood this morning!!! you baby girl xxx


6th January 2015

Just chilling like a G with my headphones during my last chemo session. Cool as!


5th January 2015

Isla is having so much fun being at home. She loves being able to play with all the toys she got for Christmas


30th December 2014

Isla is doing really well she's still very happy in her self. Unfortunately she has an infection in her central line so has to have it removed. She will be going down to theatre either today or tomorrow.


28th December 2014 

Isla had such a good time at home celebrating Christmas and is still very happy but is now back in hospital. She has a temp again but hopefully we won't be in for too long. We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Xx


25th December 2014

It has been one hectic morning but we have one very very spoilt little girl! We're so happy to be spending it at home. Merry Christmas everyone. We hope you all have a lovely day. Xx





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